Case Study

2019 Mercedes-Benz GTC

Paint Correction, Front Nose Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coating

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What we did to the Mercedes

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a clear, adhesive film that is applied to the exterior of a vehicle to protect the paint from damage caused by road debris, UV rays, and other environmental factors. Some advantages of applying PPF to a Mercedes-Benz include:

  1. Protection from chips and scratches: PPF provides a barrier between the paint on your Mercedes and the road, making it less likely to get chipped or scratched by rocks, gravel, or other debris.
  2. Preservation of original paint: PPF can help keep your Mercedes looking newer for longer, by preventing fading and discoloration caused by UV rays and other environmental factors.
  3. Easy to maintain: PPF is highly durable and resistant to damage. It can be washed and waxed just like the paint on your vehicle, making it easy to maintain.
  4. Customizable and can be remove easily : PPF comes in a large roll and can be cut to fit any car. Can be removed if it get older or needed and it will not damage original paint.
  5. Clear and invisible : PPF is virtually invisible, it maintains the aesthetics and natural look of the car.
  6. Enhances the re-sale value of the car: A well-protected car will have a better re-sale value in the long run.

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