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2019 Mclaren Senna

Full Body XPEL Stealth Paint Protection Film

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Using Stealth paint protection film (clear bra) on a McLaren Senna can provide several advantages, including:

  1. Protection of the paint: Clear bra is an invisible film that is applied to the car's paint, providing an additional layer of protection against chips, scratches, and other types of damage caused by road debris, such as rocks and gravel.
  2. Preservation of the factory finish: Clear bra preserves the factory finish of the paint, maintaining the car's value over time.
  3. Customizable coverage: The stealth paint protection film can be customized to cover specific areas of the car, such as the front bumper, hood, fenders, mirrors, and other areas that are prone to damage.
  4. Maintaining the stealth look: The stealth paint protection film is almost invisible, and it will not alter the look of the car, it will maintain the car's sleek and aerodynamic design, like the Senna it will keep the factory design and finish.
  5. Easy maintenance: Clear bra makes it easier to clean and maintain the paint of the car, It repels dirt, grime and other contaminants, making it easier to wipe off bugs and other types of road debris.

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