SSR Performance Presents Kia Stinger GT 3.3TT



Let the gains begin... we will be using this web page as an ongoing journal of any and all essential information regarding our Stinger GT 3.3TT development and production. Please fill out the following form to be notified as SOON as these products are released! We WILL NOT use your information to contact you for any other reason. Please also keep in mind that we are expecting a complete sell out / back order within the first few days of product release. So don't miss out!

Thank you.

Downpipes , Axleback and Front Mount Intakes Can Be Ordered CLICK HERE!




Today at SSR Performance we embarked on a journey... we set off on a mission to bring you guys, the new generation of Kia Stinger GT 3.3TT owners, the best in performance. Our pledge to the Kia Stinger community is to not only provide value but also to bring you guys the absolute finest in quality that we have to offer. With our current production schedule being 100% on track for this platform, we are beyond excited for what the near future holds!

We ask you guys to join us on our journey to creating something amazing as we use this thread as an open dialogue to stay connected with the most important person there is to us, you. We want to hear from you whether you have an idea, a spur of the moment thought, or even just a simple hello.

Started in Southern California by Zayn and I, SSR Performance began as an aftermarket automotive parts manufacturer. With our Mechanical and Aerospace engineering backgrounds, designing parts was second nature. Along with the sale of parts came the undeniable need for a location to be able to install these parts. With over 10 years of combined automotive expertise between us, the decision was made to open SSR Performance's first location in beautiful Orange County, CA. Today SSR Performance is a thriving business that takes care of any and all aftermarket modifications, repairs, and upgrades on all new model vehicles. As they say, the apple doesn't fall from the tree, it just so happens that Zayn is an ex-test engineer for KIA North America. So not only are we able to offer our solutions with our general engineering knowledge but we are also able to tackle them with direct first hand working experience.

If you are in the market for aftermarket performance parts for your Kia Stinger GT 3.3TT, look no further. We promise you that our products will be worth the wait. Keep an eye out here and on our Instagram (@SSRperformance) to stay up to date with our day to day development progress!

So whether you're new to the modification world or a 5 car veteran, we hope to hear from you and learn each and everyday so that we can help you do what we do best.... modify, tune, and repeat!

Shah - Co Founder and CEO - SSR Performance


- SSR Performance Downpipes -
- SSR Performance Intake (two options) -
- SSR Performance Competition Series Axle Back Exhaust -
- SSR Performance Street Series Electronic Valve Controlled Axle Back Exhaust -


Yesterday we did some baseline runs with our stock 2018 Kia Stinger GT2 3.3TT! We are currently in the process of developing multiple performance products for these vehicles including downpipes, muffler bypasses, and a special first of its kind intake!

We are extremely excited to see what we can do with this car considering that it is brand new and has a lot of potential that Kia left on the table! Without further adieu, we present to you todays baseline numbers. Click play on the video to see! The numbers were extremely consistent! We are going to be adding our parts on and will be back on the dyno very soon to show you what we can do!

With that said, today our Kia Stinger GT 3.3TT is under the knife and being prototyped as we speak. The wait will all be over soon!

Shah - Co Founder and CEO - SSR Performance


Here are a couple mid-development teaser pics for you guys! There will likely be more than one version for both of these products for those of you who want something a little different. Our goal is to be able to cater to both the "bang for the buck" crowd and then also the "feature" crowd. So this is just a quick snap in the early stages of development for the SSR Performance Competition Axleback exhaust and the SSR Performance Downpipes... enjoy

Shah - Co Founder and CEO - SSR Performance


Can I get a drumroll pleaseeeee! 

Here are the official weight savings numbers that you guys requested earlier today! Stayed extra late tonight to get these for you guys, so please excuse any grammar mistakes / typos. As always we designed these products with all aspects of performance in mind. We crafted these systems to save as much weight as possible from the stock setups without losing any structural integrity / decreasing any functionality. Without further adieu, here are the official numbers for the products that we have developed thus far:

Stock - 23.2 lbs
SSR Performance Competition Series - 15.9 lbs
Total Weight Saving - 7.3 lbs

Stock - 40.3 lbs
SSR Performance Competition Series - 16.2 lbs
Total Weight Saving - 24.1 lbs

Stock - 63.5 lbs
SSR Performance Competition Series - 32.1 lbs
Total Weight Savings - 31.4 lbs


WOW. Those numbers are pretty significant! Especially for just a quick exhaust swap. But wait, it almost sounds too good to be true... let's do a quick sanity check. Do these numbers actually make sense? They most DEFINITELY do. If you haven't already, go take a look at the two FAT mufflers that Kia stuck under your 3.3TT. By just swapping that axle back out for ours you save 24.1 lbs!!! As far as the downpipes go, you save 7.3 lbs by swapping to ours (also makes sense considering those cats aren't as huge as the mufflers). Shedding a quick 31.4 lbs with just the swap of a couple exhaust components? That doesn't sound too bad, now does it? (pun intended)

Shah - Co Founder and CEO - SSR Performance