Walnut Blast - Intake Valve Service

Walnut Blast

Walnut blasting progress!

It's done by removing the intake manifold and blasting it with crushed walnut shells and compressed air, it blasts away all of the carbon build up so your car performs optimally! (Only available for N54 and N55!) We recommend this service every 30,000 miles, and nearly every other BMW shop we’ve run across all agree- for best results.




Since the N54 is a direct injection motor, the intake valves are only in contact with air and blow by gases from the crankcase breathing circuit, in which substantial quantities of fuel and oil can be found. This is opposed to non-direct injection motors in which fuel passes over the valves and acts as a cleaning agent so that the build of of carbon deposits does not occur. After several thousand miles of driving deposits of carbonized fuel and oil in the intake tract can become fused on, as well as on the intake valves themselves. This process is often referred to as "carbonizing." After some TLC (plus some sweat and elbow grease) from our team, these intake valves will look like new.


Still Not Sure?
Are you noticing carbon build up in your intakes? Let us help!
Walnut blasting removes carbon build up to make sure your car is running how it should be! If your noticing hesitation or what feels like misfires, this may be your issue! If the throttle response feels like it's lagging, or perhaps a drop in MPGS you may need a walnut blast. 

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