Pure N54 Stage Stage 1’s looking ready to BOOST!  

These feature Pure’s Custom Billet Compressor Wheel, Upgraded Thrust System, and these are capable of 450-500whp with supporting modifications! Pure Turbo installations are a habit here at SSR!  Have a AMG C63S? AMG GTS? S55 M2C? F10 M5? Don’t worry, we install ALL Pure Turbo products.

Here at SSR Performance we install / sell more Pure turbos than any other facility in the Southern California region! What does that mean? When your BMW is here at SSR Performance it will be done right and it will be done right the first time! We know and use all proper torque specs along with proper installation kits which are necessary when installing turbos. With that said, all o-rings, gaskets, and fluids necessary are replaced at the time of installation. We offer the same 1 year 10,000 mile warranty on all Pure turbo upgrades as we do with all other jobs here at SSR Performance. If you are looking to make some serious power out of your S55 engine then Pure Stage 2 turbos is the next upgrade for you!

• Forget the so called "BMW Tax", we will never overcharge for our work. A fair price is our promise to our customers..
• Brand new facility in the heart of Orange County (located just a minute away from Crevier BMW)
• Our knowledgeable and caring staff will make sure your car is handled with the highest quality and care in the industry (just ask any of our previous customers!)
• Our 5 Star rating across the board speaks for itself...

Call us now to get a install quote!

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