Spark Plug Replacement

Spark Plug Replacement



It’s key to keep up with your maintenance especially on these European cars! If you drive on that old oil, your engine will run too hot, and eventually your engine components will wear out! If you drive on a misfiring cylinder it will bring reduction in the cars performance and can lead to the motor failing! We do EVERYTHING when it comes to these BMW’s! If you need any maintenance or upgrades give us a call!

Poor idle, low fuel efficiency, and engine misfire codes are all symptoms of worn spark plugs. Make sure you replace yours with quality parts to get keep your engine running as well as possible.
Over the years, the electrode wears away on spark plugs, causing too large of a gap and weak spark. Additionally, excess carbon can build up and bridge the gap to negatively effect performance. Replace yours with factory correct units to regain your power, fuel efficiency, and smooth a poor idle.
If you are replacing any aspect of your ignition system, it's best to replace all serviceable components. By doing so, your ignition system will work in better harmony, freeing up hidden horsepower and raising fuel economy.

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