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Rod Bearing Service




Whether you have a low or high mileage E9X M3, the S65 engine has been known to have rod bearing issues at some point in its lifespan especially if your car is supercharged or tracked often. Don't wait until your engine fails! We are ready and able to help you. We offer same day service! No need to leave your car for days! 


Please do not hesitate to contact us now!

We are more than happy to answer ANY questions that you may have regarding this issue. We have a highly experienced ASE certified staff with over 15 years of master tech credentials and experience ready to get started on your M3 ASAP! 

The S65 engine has a known history of rod bearing failure, regardless of mileage, sadly replacing rod bearings is a matter of when not if. Don't let this catastrophic failure happen to you. Replace your rod bearings and prevent a spun bearing which can cause damage to your crankshaft. 

So what are rod bearings? Basically, their the little metal bearings that sit between the crankshaft and the base of the connecting rod. They’re usually made from a softer metal than both. A very tight tolerances between the rod bearings and the crankshaft, is the leading cause of failure. So when the engine oil is cold, thus quite viscous, it can’t lubricate them well enough to handle the high revs that the engine is capable of. So if you start the car up and immediately rev the engine, you can prematurely wear the rod bearings down. Now, if the rod bearing wears down enough, it can spin. This is extremely bad and can lead to the engine needing a complete rebuild or replacing the engine entirely. 


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The following photos are all from an E92 M3 with only 52,XXX miles. This customer performed our rod bearing service as preventative maintenance upon the delivery of his newly purchased pre-owned M3. He was very wise to do so!

Although the customer claimed that the car is very quiet and sounds normal he decided to err on the side of caution. Upon initial diagnosis of the vehicle we noticed slight knock and immediately informed the customer. We helped him take note of the sound so that he would be able to compare the difference before and after the service. As you can see his bearings were showing obvious signs of scoring. Needless to say, when he came to pick up the vehicle, he was extremely happy and instantly noticed the difference in engine sound as the car started! If this customer had held off on the service another ~20,000 miles or so, as most people would (around 70,000 miles) to perform the service, there may have been significantly more damage! The vehicle is now 100% set to supercharge and / or track to his heart's desire! 



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