Oil Catch Can

Oil Catch Can

Does your car leak onto your driveway? Have you slipped because of the puddle of oil on your garage? At SSR, we can help you prevent disasters! BMW oil pan gaskets leak! Especially the ones made from 2001-2014. If oil is leaking out of the oil pan, there won’t be enough oil to help the engine keep running! This could lead to it seizing up.  We offer free inspections and would be able to let you know if your gaskets are ready for replacement. Along with fresh oil, your car will be in top shape for a long time. 

A few bullet points...

• Forget the so called "BMW Tax", we will never overcharge for our work. A fair price is our promise to our customers..
• Brand new facility in the heart of Orange County
• Our knowledgeable and caring staff will make sure your car is handled with the highest quality and care in the industry. "We treat your car like it's our own!" (just ask any of our previous customers!)
• Our 5 Star rating across the board speaks for itself...

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