Differential Flush

Differential Flush

Here at SSR Performance we believe that maintaining your vehicle is equally as important as upgrades. We recommend a differential flush around every 60,000 miles. While your differential fluid and motor oils are equally important, differentials are filter-free. Meaning that should your differential start to experience unwanted friction, it is likely that small metal shaving or pieces may appear resulting in significant damage to your differential. Various driving conditions can lead to breakdowns in the quality of differential fluid potentially causing premature damage. In the event of low differential fluid levels, the gears within the differential will begin to grind, causing your differential to fail and your vehicle to become inoperable. WE CAN HELP! Bring your car in for regularly scheduled maintenance and let us help you.


• Forget the so called "BMW Tax", we will never overcharge for our work. A fair price is our promise to our customers..
• Brand new facility in the heart of Orange County (located just a minute away from Crevier BMW)
• Our knowledgeable and caring staff will make sure your car is handled with the highest quality and care in the industry (just ask any of our previous customers!)
• Our 5 Star rating across the board speaks for itself...

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