2020 A90 Supra - HKS Exhaust Dual Muffler Install

2020 A90 Supra - HKS Exhaust Dual Muffler Install

With the popularity of the A90 Supra SSR Performance has worked with numerous Supra customers to modify and tune their vehicles.  With our experience and expertise SSR Performance can take care of all your performance needs, from downpipes to tunes.  SSR Performance is a full service tuning facility with an onsite dyno.

The owner of this brand new A90 Supra commissioned SSR Performance to install a full HKS Dual Muffler Exhaust system.  On the A90 Supra the HKS system improves the look, sound and performance providing better flow by exiting through dual 120mm titanium tips while maintaining the stock actuator and control valve.  The HKS exhaust system is also a weight savings over the stock exhaust.


Here is a clip of the the HKS Exhaust in action


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