2020 A90 Supra - H&R Suspension and BootMod3 Tune

2020 A90 Supra - H&R Suspension and BootMod3 Tune

At SSR Performance we had the privilege to customize another 2020 A90 Supra, installing H&R springs and spacers, powder coating the stock wheels and adding a BootMod3 tune for our customer. The H&R Sport Springs provide better handling, lowering the vehicle 1” in the front and 0.75” in the rear also giving the Supra its perfect stance by closing the gap between the tire and fender well.  The subtle drop really accentuates the beautiful body lines of car and is exactly what the Supra needed.  Now that the Supra’s suspension was tightening up it was time to add some extra HP with a BootMod3 tune.  

At SSR Performance we work with our customer’s to provided unparalleled service and attention to detail, whether it’s general maintenance or a full custom build we can take care of all of your vehicle’s needs.     

Please take a look and contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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