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2017 AUDI R8

- H&R VTF Adjustable Lowering Springs 

- Gloss Black Signature SV701

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S580 by SSR Performance

3M Satin Black Wrap

Chrome delete

Ghost lowering Links

Candy Apple Red Calipers with black AMG logo

15% Ceramic tint all around

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This 2013 M3 is the super rare Lime Rock Edition, its 1 of only 200 that were made.  The owner of this beautiful low mileage Fire Orange M3 brought their vehicle in for SSR Performance to complete the Rod Bearing Replacement Service in preparation of a soon to be installed superchager.  The owner was very surprised to see just how much wear the stock rod bearings had with only 15k miles on the car.  So you can see even with only 15k miles the stock bearings showed significant wear.  The owner was very pleased that they came in to SSR Performance and...

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The owner of this modified BMW M4 came to SSR Performance to install a BMW M Performance Steering Wheel.  The M Performance Steering Wheel upgraded the interior to compliment the rest of the performance and styling of this M4.  With our extensive knowledge of BMW's and experience installing numerous other M Performance Steering Wheels we were able to complete the install as if it had been done at the factory. The BMW M Performance Steering Wheel is the perfect OEM addition for any 2015+ BMW M3 (F80) or BMW M4 (F82, F83). The M Performance Steering Wheel retains the factory airbag and gives the driver...

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The owner of this beautiful BMW M4 came to SSR Performance to help complete the exterior styling of their car by adding a set of EMD eMMOTION Lower Springs and SSR Performance Wheels Spacers    On the M4 the eMMOTION Lowering Springs will lower the height of the vehicle by 1.3" up front and 0.9" in the rear and when paired with the SSR Performance Wheel Spacers w/ Extended Lug Bolts the combination will give your car the flush look everyone enjoys.   For this specific install the owner requested 12mm SSR Performance Spacers in the front and 15mm SSR Performance Spacers in the...

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